The URC’s projects share the common thread of understanding the intricate drivers of risk before the formulation of policy, all guided by core principles of resilience.



• The Mocoa Project. A Forensic Analysis of the Mocoa Disaster. URC’s supported research project. Expected completion by July 2019.

Evaluation of technologies for the elimination of contaminants in rural aqueducts in the Province of Colon, Panama. Zohre Kurt (PI). SENACYT Research Grant, 2018. 



• Technical advisory services regarding the Yokohama Cityscape Sketchbook Workshop in Panama. Contractor: The World Bank’s Tokyo Development Learning Center. December 2018 to April 2019.

. Risk Exposure Analysis in the Tapia and Tocumen watersheds, Panama City, Panama. Contractor: The World Bank Group. November 2018 to March 2019.

• Riesgo de desastres y cambio climático en áreas metropolitanas de América Central y Panamá. Prepared by Carlos Gordón, upon the request and auspices of the Urban Risk Center. Status: To be published during mid-2019. English version expected for December 2019